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Spray On Tan


Indulge in a rapid transformation with our Amino 90 Spray-On Tan – a mere 90 minutes for a radiant shift in skin tone, embracing the allure of a sun-kissed glow.

Tuscan Tan professional spray-on tan impeccably replicates the hues of natural tans, thanks to the exclusive 'Violet-Tone Complex.' This blend of plant-based ingredients banishes any hint of orange undertones, ensuring a flawlessly natural finish every time.

Beyond its exquisite color, our Tuscan Tan spray-on formula boasts unparalleled longevity, with each application lasting a remarkable 7 days or more, gracefully fading to maintain the illusion of a sun-kissed complexion.

Prepare for your spray-on tan experience:

  1. Complete all hair removal procedures at least 24 hours in advance.

  2. Exfoliate using our Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

  3. Cleanse your skin with Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash.

  4. For stubborn residue from previous tans, employ the Tuscan Tan Removal Mitt.

  5. Refrain from moisturizer, deodorant, or perfume prior to your appointment.

  6. Opt for loose clothing and sandals post-application until your tan fully develops.


Nurture your radiant tan with proper aftercare. Following your chosen spray-on tan treatment, adhere to the prescribed aftercare regimen.

For Rapid Amino 90 Spray-On Tan – 90 Minutes Development:

  1. Allow 90 minutes for development; it won't overdevelop if left longer.

  2. After this time, shower briefly with water for no more than 30 seconds – no soap or body wash.

  3. Note: Your tan will be partially developed; it will continue to evolve over the next 6 hours. Avoid applying any products during this period.

  4. After full development, shower with Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash.

  5. Pat skin dry post-shower.

  6. Moisturize daily with Tuscan Tan Tinted Tan Extender.


Enhance your self-tanning experience with our Self-Tan Application Set, available for purchase at our salon.



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