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Nails Services


Experience the utmost care for your hands and feet at our salon. Whether you struggle to maintain them or simply desire a standout look, our expert team is here to cater to your needs at an affordable price.

Step into our salon and discover a wide array of top-tier nail polish and gelish products, featuring trusted brands like OPI, Morgan Taylor, Kiara Sky, China Glaze, DND, Shellac, and the latest sensation, SNS products.

Rest assured, hygiene is our top priority. We meticulously sterilize all equipment after each use. Whilst we provide sterilized tools, we encourage you to invest in your own nail cuticle nipper and buffer for personalized service. You can conveniently purchase these items at our salon.

Following your visit, we ensure your tools are re-sterilized and securely packaged for your convenience. You may choose to take them home or opt for onsite storage.

Our commitment extends beyond your visit. For nail extension services, we offer a two-week guarantee against breakage. Should a nail break on its own within this period, we'll repair it free of charge. Avoid the risk of nail fungus by refraining from self-repairs, as improper techniques can create gaps between your natural nail and nail tip, allowing moisture and debris to penetrate. Trust our professionals to safeguard your nails and prevent infection.











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