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Eyelash Extension

Tinting & Perming



If you desire of having eyelash extension done but unsure of which style suitable for you, a free consultation is always available when you visiting our salon.

We are currently offering three different set for Eyelash Extension which are:

  • Classic Set - one false lash is put onto one healthy natural lash

  • Perfect Set - two to three false lashes are placed onto one healthy natural lash

  • Russian Set - three to six false lashes are placed onto one healthy natural lash

There are many different size of length, curl and thickness available for you to choose from. We are only using quality products which produced from Korea and Japan and all products are careful tested before used for customers' safety. The glue being used is strong adhesive so the lashes will last for up to 3 weeks or more with regular refilled. And most of all is that our technicians are very well trained and highly experience so we know what will be best for your eyes.





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