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Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo


We are focus on giving you a natural beauty look that enable you to feel more confident without having make up on.

With the safe and gentle procedure, it will lighter your look for 24/7 and save hips of your time and money on all

cosmestic products.


Shadow Mist Eyebrow or Powder Brow:

Procedure is performed as skin penetration within

a designed brow shape to fully color clients' eyebrows

with their choice of color. End result will give you

a look of solid brow like wearing pencil.


The procedure will take approximately 30 mins without

using pain relief cream. If client would like to use pain

relief/numbing cream, it then will take at least 1 hour to



Feather Touch Eyebrow:

A very fine hair stroke will be penetrated into skin within a design brow shape. This will give a very natural look after finish.

For some clients who won't have many hairs, it's best to have a shadow mist section first and after 4 or 5 weeks feather touch section is then applied with a slightly darker color pigment to give it a best look.













Eyeliner Tattoo: 

Either you want your eyes to look bigger or longer, eyeliner tattoo will allow you to change the shape of your eyes to turn it 

into a desired look. 



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